2015 Election results

Congratulations to the Liberal Party but the 2015 election shows yet again the frankly bizarre results that come from disproportional winner take all systems like FPTP. Especially as 4 of the ridings with the most wasted votes in all the elections tracked on this site came in this election. It is ironic that the province in which Canadians actually had multiple parties that could possibly win in their districts leads to by far the most votes that elect no one and have no impact on the parliament they were waiting for. This cannot continue.

While the outcome is similar that a party that was supported by less than 40% of Canadian votes won a fake majority there is hope that 2015 may in fact be the last unfair election. The NDP and the Green party in the campaign committed to bringing in a fair proportional system that can finally make this site no more than a historical record and the Liberals committed to ending FPTP. Please join www.fairvote.ca to help convince the Liberals and our new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that another disproportional winner take all system to replace FPTP would be no change at all. We have never been closer to getting Proportional Representation in Canada!

Will update site with the final results when they are available as these results are preliminary so far. Please let me know if you see any errors and I will fix them.