Update to remove PHP errors

Hi, it's been a while. One purpose of this update was to get rid of some annoying errors that came from the site code being out of date.

The other and more important part is to remind all Canadians that the 2015 Federal election is in full swing. This is by far the most important election that I can remember as two of the four federal parties have committed to PR while one has committed to ending FPTP. We have never been closer to getting rid of millions upon millions of wasted votes, stopping vote splitting, and allowing as many Canadians as possible to be represented. Please go to www.fairvote.ca and help out in any way you can. Call all the candidates in your riding to show that you will be voting for PR. This way the Green and NDP candidates will know they are on the right track and the Liberal candidates will know that if it comes time to study the issue than the only reform that makes sense is PR. Not yet another disproportional system that wastes votes and distorts results!