2011 Ontario election results finally

This is a bit later than I expected, but life gets in the way of many things.

The Ontario 2011 elections showed many things, but more than anything else the incredibly cynical ploys the McGuinty Liberals employed to get every last seat shows how very horribly FPTP, and all winner take all systems, encourage politicians to behave. Every big party is so close to gaining full power with a fake majority that achieving that overrides all other objectives.

And these systems also make any minority government that the system may elect incredibly unstable. Instead of settling down and respecting the will of the electorate to make his minority parliament work, McGuinty instead tried to govern with an arrogant 'major minority' and the consequences of that are plain to see. PR systems are the only systems that accurately reflect the will of the people in legislatures. It's past time we moved to them.