2014 Election for the Government of Ontario

PREMIER Kathleen Wynne - Ontario Liberal Party

41st Parliament of the Government of Ontario

Duration 12th June 2014 - Present

Election Held on 12th June 2014

Wellington—Halton Hills - Ontario

CandidateNumber of votesElected
Ted Arnott (Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario)22600X
Dan Zister (Ontario Liberal Party)14095
Michael Carlucci (New Democratic Party of Ontario)6848
Dave Rodgers (Green Party of Ontario)3566
Jason Cousineau (Ontario Libertarian Party)1104
Mitch Sproule (Freedom Party of Ontario)198

Voters cast 48,411 valid votes.

14,095 votes for Ontario Liberal Party wasted

6,848 votes for New Democratic Party of Ontario wasted

3,566 votes for Green Party of Ontario wasted

1,302 votes for Other wasted