2015 Election for the Federal Government of Canada

PRIME MINISTER Justin Trudeau - Liberal Party of Canada

42nd Parliament of the Federal Government of Canada

Duration 3rd December 2015 - Present

Election Held on 19th October 2015

Hamilton Centre - Ontario

CandidateNumber of votesElected
David Christopherson (New Democratic Party)18719X
Anne Tennier (Liberal Party of Canada)13718
Yonatan Rozenszajn (Conservative Party of Canada)6018
Ute Schmid-Jones (Green Party of Canada)1778
Michael James Baldasaro (Marijuana Party)348
Rob Young (Libertarian Party of Canada)316
Maria Anastasiou (Independent)186

Voters cast 41,083 valid votes.

13,718 votes for Liberal Party of Canada wasted

6,018 votes for Conservative Party of Canada wasted

1,778 votes for Green Party of Canada wasted

850 votes for Other wasted