2015 Election for the Federal Government of Canada

PRIME MINISTER Justin Trudeau - Liberal Party of Canada

42nd Parliament of the Federal Government of Canada

Duration 3rd December 2015 - Present

Election Held on 19th October 2015

British Columbia

Seats won Vs. Popular support

Summary Results | Full Results

PartyNumber of seatsPopular Support
Liberal Party of Canada17 (40.48 %)35.09 %
New Democratic Party14 (33.33 %)26.01 %
Conservative Party of Canada10 (23.81 %)29.94 %
Green Party of Canada1 (2.38 %)8.24 %
Other0 (0%)0.72 %

Total number of seats: 42

Wasted Votes

Voters cast 2,364,776 votes. 1,335,685 of them were wasted

406,529 votes for Liberal Party of Canada wasted

469,920 votes for Conservative Party of Canada wasted

284,512 votes for New Democratic Party wasted

157,777 votes for Green Party of Canada wasted

16,947 votes for Other wasted

Most Wasted Votes

Most of the time in our current system more than half of the votes cast in a district are wasted. The following table shows the worst of these.

Top Five Most Wasted Votes | All Over Half Wasted

DistrictPercent Votes Wasted
Nanaimo--Ladysmith66.8 %
Pitt Meadows--Maple Ridge66.11 %
Esquimalt--Saanich--Sooke64.99 %
Burnaby South64.93 %
Kamloops--Thompson--Cariboo64.75 %

More than half of the votes cast in 34 districts were wasted. Almost 81 % of all districts