Interim results for the 2008 Federal Election

After a longer than expected hiatus I have updated the site with the *interim* results of the 2008 Federal elections held on the 14th of October. Not only did more than half of the votes cast not elect anyone again but we also have two new ridings in the top 5 most undemocratically elected ridings of all the ridings tracked on the site. With a Brand new Champion in Gatineau in Quebec where the winner won with LESS THAN 30% of the voters in the riding actually voting for him. Coming in at the fourth spot overall is Guelph Ontario where far less than a third of the voters voted for the person who for some reason is considered to be representing the whole riding.

It was an extremly strong showing by the Green party that led to the very undemocratic result in Guelph and it was strong level of support for the New Democratic Party that led to the extremely absurd result in Gatineau. It is only in a fundamentally flawed system that more competitive races and *more* options for voters would lead to such ridiculous results.

Keep in mind that these are based on interim results as of October 17th 2008. I will update the results as soon as the final official tally is released by Elections Canada.