Huge update

It took a while but I have added all the elections from Ontario 1981 till 2003 onto the site. That brings the grand total of election results on this site to eight which leads to more than 21.5 million votes which did not gain representation in parliament.

The 'Most Wasted Votes' booby prize has also changed hands from the last federal election to the 1990 Ontario election. The top 5 districts with the most wasted votes all come from this election. With members of legislative assembly that claim to 'represent' a constituency in which barely 30% of the people voted for them, and a stunning 100 districts that had sole representation from a person who had the support of less than half of the voters this was an election that saddled Ontario with an unready governing party that had full majority power even though it got less than 38% of the votes in an election. All thanks to the unrepresentative results of FPTP. Take a browse through this and the other new elections to see how poorly Canada is being served by this antiquated electoral system.

Any and all comments are more than welcome. I've gone through the results on the site with a fine tooth comb but if any issues have slipped by me then please don't hesitate to drop me a line.