And we're back

After a slightly longer hiatus than intended I have added a new feature to the website. Now you can see results of the Ontario 2003 election by region. One of my favourite examples of the distortion of Canadian votes is the myth that the Toronto region has no significant support for Conservatives. This myth is completely busted by looking at how the region actually voted (click ). More than 26% voted for the PC party in 2003, far more support than the NDP had and yet all of these voters had absolutely NO effect on parliament and elected no one. Completely and totally unfair.

The information of which district goes into which region was pilfered by me from the very gracious Greg Morrow and his excellent site . I had to modify it a bit as I was working with the 2003 election and not the 2007 one, so if anybody sees any errors or discrepancies than please send me an email.

I have another pretty large update planned, hopefully it'll take me less than a month to get it up this time :).