Wastedvotes.ca no more

Important Notice

All in all wastedvotes.ca was up from 2007 until Feb 2024 which is a pretty good run even though I was not able to maintain and update it due to time constraints. Unfortunately time and technology march on and the site needs an out of date database to operate which no reasonable webadmin can maintain.

In a better world the site would have been retired for happier reasons if politicians were able to keep their promises. We should have had proportional representation at the federal level by 2019 at the latest.

One of the reasons I stepped back was to focus on my writing and I am proud to announce that my debut novel is coming out in Fall 2025! I hope you will follow along with my journey there at aamiranauthor.ca

Finally all the code and datasets used for this website are freely available at my github At this link!

Until then, yours in continuting hope and solidarity.

- Aamir.