2014 Election for the Government of Ontario

PREMIER Kathleen Wynne - Ontario Liberal Party

41st Parliament of the Government of Ontario

Duration 12th June 2014 - Present

Election Held on 12th June 2014

Kitchener—Waterloo - Ontario

CandidateNumber of votesElected
Catherine Fife (New Democratic Party of Ontario)20034X
Jamie Burton (Ontario Liberal Party)16191
Tracey Weiler (Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario)14057
Stacey Danckert (Green Party of Ontario)2804
James Schulz (Ontario Libertarian Party)468

Voters cast 53,554 valid votes.

16,191 votes for Ontario Liberal Party wasted

14,057 votes for Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario wasted

2,804 votes for Green Party of Ontario wasted

468 votes for Other wasted